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Microstructure and mechanical performance characte

Date:2014-9-24 9:46:13  From:HengGong

(1) The microstructure of gray iron profiles for fine flake graphite (peripheral for small layer of D-type graphite interior for small A-type graphite) and ferrite and pearlite matrix. σb = 250 ~ 350Mpa, HB = 150 ~ 240, E = 1.1 ~ 1.7 × 105Mpa
(2) The organization graphite ductile iron tiny round ball, the ball is high, the ball a few more, no intergranular carbide mechanical properties of both high strength and high ductility. Profiles can also be obtained by heat treatment after ductile matrix microstructure and properties of a variety of needs, and sand casting ductile iron compared to the same strength, elongation increased by 50% to 100%.
(3) The use of horizontal continuous casting and closed mold process so that the surface profile of good quality and high dimensional accuracy, no sand, slag, porosity, shrinkage and other casting defects, processing yield is much higher than sand casting.
(4) High modulus of elasticity, modulus of elasticity of cast iron profiles various parts of the whole cross-section than the average high and uniform sand cast iron.
(5) The intensity of fatigue limit is higher, compared with the general fatigue than cast iron sand about 50% higher.
(6) Good pressure resistance. When the pressure up to 40MPa, the wall thickness of 1mm no point sample infiltration and peripheral infiltration phenomenon.
(7) Good machining performance, compared with the same sand casting material good cutting profiles, cast profiles cutting resistance is greater than and less than cast iron sand casting steel parts; surface finish, and sand cast iron castings, compared to steel, cast iron profiles in cutting at different speeds, surface finish is relatively small fluctuations, not only in low-speed (<50m / min) cutting, but also in the high-speed (> 200m / min) during cutting, can ensure that the surface roughness of not more than 20μm.
(8) Cast iron surface profile surface treatment of glass, enamel-coated, copper, chromium, tungsten plating, carburizing, nitriding treatment, the performance is much better than sand-cast iron castings.
(9) Cast profiles material, shape and size specifications, the production cycle is short, fast delivery
(10) Cast profiles continuous production, high productivity, good working conditions, low emissions, product quality and stability.


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