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Application of analytical profiles of cast iron

Date:2014-9-24 9:46:47  From:HengGong

Since the horizontal continuous casting process can be obtained relatively dense matrix organization, so horizontal continuous casting profiles hydraulic resistance and air tightness were higher than other engineering materials, we can say, with a horizontal continuous casting production of hydraulic rod material is by far the best . In addition to its production rate, lower than the production costs, there is a superior than steel machining performance, because in the cutting process, since the continuous fragmentation of the chip, and reducing the cutting resistance.
Foreign machine tool manufacturing, the use of horizontal continuous casting of cast iron profiles manufacturing milling, grinding, drilling table and Machine Tool, bearing, etc., the cost of production decreased, machined surfaces have special uniform high strength and hardness performance indicators. As good machining performance, so you can use the horizontal continuous casting iron bars produce a variety of rotating machinery used body parts and a variety of special-shaped parts, such as flanges, circle, triangle pulleys, piston and so on.
Rolling piston air compressor in the rolling piston movement as the main sliding member, the manufacturers in pursuit of improving compressor displacement, increasing the pressure of the compression chamber, will inevitably lead to increased wear of the friction between each, in order to ensure the compression the reliability of the machine, in order to improve the wear resistance of the rolling piston, after the United States POTOREX, USA FEDDERS, Japan HITACHI Corporation, South Korea's LG Corporation, China Zhuhai Gree Group, the world famous compressor manufacturing plant research applications show casting gray iron bars is the best material rolling piston. By quenching, casting gray iron rods easily reach more than HRC50 hardness, in order to achieve its excellent wear resistance.
Dongfeng Motor Corporation introduced from Cummins B series diesel engine 6 transmission gear, has been successfully implemented with horizontal continuous casting iron bars austempering get ADI replace hardened steel gear gear. Compared with sand casting casting rod, after isothermal hardening tensile strength 20Mpa, increase 135% elongation, hardness 2HRC, significantly better mechanical properties than sand castings, forgings and compared in terms of the gear manufacturing costs will be reduced more than 26%, in particular high density profiles casting without defects and characteristics, is the ideal material for producing ADI gears.
Morgan technique applicable to high-speed wire rod rolling production line conveyor roller parts, after Baosteel, Sha Steel and other steel companies, reflecting the good, is now able to completely replace the imported United States, our country has changed in the past, replaced by low-speed wire-speed wire rod parts need foreign imports.
According to the Ministry of Railways train speed requirements, the use of ADI ductile iron casting processed into the passenger (cargo) on the rear bogie (ADI) bushings, requires Austempering HRC38-48, σb≥1200Mpa, δ≥ 1%, no notch impact energy (≤40 ℃) ak≥35J / cm2, crush strength ≥2000 Mpa. Railways expert assessment after the trial demonstrated, has been formally put into use in the locomotive.
Over the past decade, horizontal continuous casting iron bars are expanding application areas in our country, this is because the technical and economic benefits of this process is particularly significant and, therefore, a mechanical engineer who has increasingly become the focus of attention.

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